Halitosis - Causes and home remedies for bad breath

Bad breath is a condition mainly a caused by a build up of bacteria in the mouth due to poor oral hygiene, food debris deposition, or plague and/or periodontal disease. 

Halitosis is a persistent emanation of an unpleasant odour from the mouth.  

What are the symptoms of bad breath 

It is very easy to tell if someone have bad breath. Others may notice someone has bad breath before the person does, so another person may tell him or her about their breath or give them some personal space other than normal. The most obvious sign and symptom of bad breath is an unpleasant foul smell from the mouth. 
Other signs and symptoms includes:

  • Unpleasant or sour taste or changes in taste,
  • Cry mouth, and
  • Coating on the tongue.

What causes halitosis?

  • Dry mouth: If the mouth is dry as a result of disease like xerostomia or the mouth is naturally dry, mouth odour can occur.  Saliva serves as natural mouth cleanser. 
  • Tobacco: This causes it's own mouth odour. plus they increased chance of gum disease and invariably leading to mouth odour. 
  • Dental hygiene: food particles trapped in your mouth are broken down by bacteria, if you don't brush and floss daily, the decaying food in your mouth lead to unpleasant odour. 
  • Drugs: some drugs are broken down by the body to release chemicals that causes bad breath. While some drugs indirectly cause bad breath by contributing to dry mouth.  

Other causes includes: 

  • Periodontal diseases
  • Strong foods and beverages 
  • Foreign body in the mouth 
  • Mouth,  nose and throat infections 
  • Other diseases, such as cancer. 

Prevention and home remedies for bad breath 

  • Brush your teeth after eating to clear your mouth of food debris
  • Floss daily to remove any hidden food particles and plague from your teeth 
  • Brush your tongue as it harbours bacteria. So, brushing your tongue well help reduce mouth odour 
  • Drink water regularly to keep your mouth moist 
  • Watch your diet, avoid food and drink that can cause bar breath
  • Change your brush regularly.  Change brush atleast every three to four months
  • Schedule regular dental check ups.

Take home:
Halitosis (Bad breath) is mostly caused by poor oral hygiene. Also can be due to underlying dental or general health conditions and some medications. You can Prevent and control halitosis by basically focusing more on you dental hygiene by brushing,  flossing, changing brush frequently, regular dental check ups and so on.